Balancing life as a CEO & A MOM


As you may have read in my about section of my blog, I am a mommy to be. A mommy to be is still a mother, which she carries out her motherly duties by attending OB/GYN appointments and nurturing her precious bun in the oven. While doing all of your various mommy duties it is important to keep a detailed schedule especially when you encounter pregnant brain or your mind is scattered due to keeping up with your child/ren schedule. While balancing your various motherly duties that you love 😘, it all starts with picking out the perfect planner. Choose a planner that is fun to you or if you must a more neutral selection will work just fine!

I believe that it is important to maintain your planner especially, if you have ventured out to exploring various networking events or even keeping up your daughter’s ballet practice. While you are organizing your planner make sure that you schedule some time for brainstorming sessions. Brainstorming is a key factor when it comes to getting your business together.

What type of planners have you found most helpful to maintain your day to day routine? Please include suggestions in the comment bar for our fellow mom- entrepreneurs!

*Remember to keep a detailed planner so that you won’t encounter an oops I forgot moment. Well moms please remember to drop a few words of encouragement. Thanks!


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