About Our CEO

Donna Pearson is the wife to a U.S. Navy Sailor, a mommy to be(currently the parent to two pups, Apollo & Rocky), a consultant, and an entrepreneur. She wants to help those who may be having a hard time in starting/turning their dreams into a reality.
Donna is a proud Georgian, she currently resides in Thomasville, GA. Thomasville is one of the most historic cities in south Georgia which still maintains its southern charm.
When she is not running her company, you can find her spending time with her friends and family. It is extremely rare to find her doing anything other than building her company or someone else’s. You can really see the passion that Donna has when she is helping others build their business.
Growing up in a small town has truly inspired Donna to support various local businesses in her community; on a yearly basis she will host business expos that help give small local businesses the exposure that they need in order to succeed.

About Our Company

DMM Consulting Co. started off as helping friends with their business concerns and then Donna decided to branch off and begin the company in the fall of 2014. Donna has developed a loyal following of customers through word of mouth and social media.
DMM Consulting Co., primary focus are starting, running, and scaling small businesses. We believe that it is important to focus on the business vision and help business enhance their clientele and visibility through effective planning and strategies.
In the summer of 2015 we launched Donna The Momentrepreneur blog, which was put into place to inspire mompreneurs to start a business, instead on focusing on their parenting duties 24/7. Our blogs primary focus is to provide information, inspiration, and consultant to mompreneurs who have put their dreams on hold for their families and bestow upon them that your family may grow, but that doesn’t stop your dreams from becoming a reality.

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