About our mother(sister) site!


Hello Mompreneurs!!!

It is an awesome Thursday morning in Georgia!!! Well let me start off my saying who is ready to be a mompreneur?!?!? As mompreneurs we must consider our various resources especially when it comes to being educated and current on various business topics and events. It is extremely important to be a networker. We you network you are able to meet business men and women who are working hard to live out their dreams. My dreams began we I started my consulting company, DMM Consulting Company. http://www.dmmconsultingco.com Many have asked me what the name of my business meant and I simply said it is my name, rather than writing out Donna Marshall Consulting Company I just shortened it.

The mother/sister site primary focus is to help various types of business owners make things happen; whether it is through business planning, strategic planning, business management, hospitality, or customer service. It is extremely important to educate yourself on the various programs available. My company’s primary focus is to educate those who are motivated to succeed. There is a ton of information out there are you have to get up and go get it! Follow our website at http://www.dmmconsultingco.com to become knowledgeable of the various services that we offer.

Thanks Mompreneurs!




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