38 weeks pregnant and MIA

Hello Momprenuers!!!
As you can see I have been away for a while and I really do apologize. As you may already know it has really been hard for me to post about informative topics. A few topics that I wanted to speak on weeks ago was The importance of networking and building your brand. As it relates to networking I recently attended two networking events one was a Boss Brunch and the other was the grand opening for the Ms.Kitty Feline Sanctuary. At the Boss brunch I was able to network with various business minded women. Among the attendees and vendors, our business associate and friends Carter Collection had their products on display. Also in support for their company I wore a necklace set that I won from attending their pop-up shop at Three strand braiding.


At the next event I attended I met various entrepreneurs and I won a prize for my puppy babies. I was an awesome and rewarding experience!


I can honestly say that it was an rewarding experience in which my puppies where very thankful for.
Networking can really bring awesome opportunities, ie. business connections, recognition, fun, and so much more. You have to be willing to put yourself out there. In a perfect world business may come to you, but in reality you have to work for it and be confident in the product or service you have to offer.  One of the best word of advice that I have ever received is “Do You”, don’t let anyone or anything be the reason you stop moving forward!

Donna Pearson


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