How to improve your marketing skills in 2016

How to improve your marketing skills in 2016

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This is Donna The Mompreneur writing to share with you guys the importance of enhancing your marketing skills in 2016. Things may have not worked the way you planned in 2015, but this year you can definitely make a change. This can all begin by following these few tips to ensure that your marketing experience is a success.

The Marketing 1, 2,3s

1. Appearance (set yourself apart): When you want to present a new product to potential customers it is important to know your products or services. You may think you’re great at presenting a service or your “talk game” may sound good, but you must educate yourself. When it comes to products, it would be awesome if you offered a variety. An example of this is when you own a clothing company, you must plan ahead for the seasons. Don’t leave your customers hanging, you must meet and beat their expectations. Whether it is the winter/fall season you are selling scarves and boots and in the spring you may be offering floral accessories. Just make sure you are looking out for your audience whether it being in a storefront or online. If you are online make sure that your content is organized and presentable.

2. Know your Audience: When getting to know your audience, ensure that you know what they want. This can be applied to a service that you are offering, when offering a particular service you can cater a service to meet your clients needs. Your client may want to know how to combine their love of fashion with personal styling. There are various stylist out there, but you must do something that sets you apart from everyone else and keep the clients coming back.

3. Promote, Promote, Promote: You want to put yourself out there and some ways to do this is through business cards or social media. Through social media you must be current and consistent with various business updates of events and product/services. “Consistency is key”, when you are promoting your product or services you are guaranteed to gain the attention of potential clients. As stated earlier you must have presentable content whether you are presenting your product through Facebook or your company’s website.

Entrepreneurs, don’t let the fear of striking out in 2015 prohibit you from having a successful 2016. Do what is best for you and the future of your company. Remember you must try and try again!

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