Finding Yourself!!!

Hello Readers!

Have you ever felt that you couldn’t figure things out or you didn’t know what direction to talk?
Listen, you’re definitely not alone. Often I get side tracked  and feel confuse. I jump back to when I mentioned previously that we should rember to prioritize, after being up with a newborn all every 2 hours I contemplate should I drink coffee to wake up or work on various work projects. Usually I can honestly say is that coffee is my best friend. I really want to work hard and ensure that my business and brand is successful. Being home with my little one will not prohibit me from living out my dreams.

Military Wife
Living life as military wife is great and it definitely comes with the perks and responsibility. Some of things that I’ve noticed that come with military wife/military is traveling (PCS) with your significant other. I’ve had numerous business ideas that I have wanted to pursue, but I find it difficult running a company from afar. I really love the hands on approach. As a military wife and entrepreneur I believe that it would be easier to start an e-commerce business. Everything is mostly virtual and more convenient to retrieve online. So hey if you have considered a business, go online “literally”. It’s also more cost effective which comes with not having to pay for a store front, so yayy!!!

Joggling the trifacta(Mommy, Wife and Entrepreneur)
1.Have your support system: You can’t do it all by yourself, you must have your team standing with you. When it comes to you needing to take you some time to get work done your significant other or oldest teenager can step in to assist with some of your childcare needs. Remember don’t overwhelm yourself ask for help. Also Momprenuers you still need yourme time”, personal image is important especially when you have interact prospective clients.

2. Prioritize
If you know that you have things to do it is best to schedule things according to what you need to accomplish. I find it so much easier to write things in my planner. Adding my baby girl to my daily routine caused me to want to be more organized. So remember to find your focus and things will go along a lot smoother.

3. Love What You Do
I really love helping people and strategizing, so I became a consultant. When you have passion for something and you know that you can make a profit, then you have to go for it and make it happen. There are mothers out here have made their passion for family into a business. An excellent example of this is entrepreneur and actress Jessica Alba. Jessica started the Honest company which based on the love she had for her children. She didn’t use them as her clutch, instead they were her inspiration.

I wrote all of this to say that it’s not too late to find your way. There are a ton of dreams in the world waiting to be conquered. You need to be able to say I chose this business and career because it is truly apart of me!

Well that’s all for now Momprenuers, until next time!
❤Donna P.

Donna Pearson


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