Reality Check


As you may have noticed I’ve been delayed in being consistent with my blogging, but I recently had a kick in the butt. My mentor and friend Dr. Taunya Lowe helped me to regain focus on the direction that I need to take.

I realized that I put my family first become my wants or needs, but now I say no more. If I really want to be happy, I need to put my best foot forward and step out on faith. If you family really loves& supports you they will still be there. 

I noticed that I needed to start writing down my goals and manage my time effectively. If you want you want something in life it isn’t going to be handed to you, you have to get out there and work for it. This is a great way to build owner equity. Blood,Sweat&hard work!!!

Remember, while you are out being the best mompreneur your children are watching. It tells them that if mom can do then I can do it. Never give up!!!

Stay tune mompreneurs because great things are coming from this mompreneur!!!


Donna P.


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