Business and Spirituality By: Ilonda Hairston-Clayton, Life Strategist

Business and Spirituality lotus flower
Statistics say that 90% of all businesses fail within the first 10 years. There are many different reasons for this a few being: Poor management, insufficient capital, and bad Location. Which are all the reasons why my first two business failed very quickly. I had no real plan, no real money, and not a lot of education about entrepreneurship and what that meant. There was a time when I was so embarrassed by those “failures” I went into a deep depression, feeling as if I could never start again. I was also surrounded by people who never followed their dream(s) so in turn made me feel as if my dreams were very immature thinking. It is said that “Failures are our Greatest Teachers”. I have come to know this so deeply. It took me almost 15 years to every believe that I could start another business. During those 15 years, I work in retail, a doctor’s offices, cleaned houses, an assistance, a waitress, hotel clerk, baby sitting and a factory. I ended up either quitting or getting terminated from all these jobs. I know it sounds very dramatic. I finally just decided to go to college. My thought was maybe my lack of education was what I was missing. I had no clear intention for my life. I was raised to find a “decent job” and stick with it. In my heart, I knew that would never be enough for me in my life. With ever “failure” ( or gift as I choose to call them) negative thoughts came to my mind, that would allow me to question id I should just give up. I also believed that the jobs I was working also “gifts” was not what I wanted to continue doing in my life. I’m not saying anything is wrong with working a “9 to 5” if that is your gift, but for me it was just not in my heart. It never brought me true joy. After finally completing college. I decided I would never work another profession I did not enjoy. I truly believe that many times we spend more time working than we do at home or with family so it is important to enjoy what you do. Have you ever gone into a store or restaurant and sensed the person helping you absolutely hated what their job? Not only is it annoying to customers and may hurt business, but very sad for that person in their life. I realized that my life strategy truly had to change if I ever wanted to live the life I dreamed in business and personal. First I had to embrace the “gifts” yes, I’m talking about the failed attempts in business. I had to realize I was being directed to what I was truly meant to do. I started with answering a few questions:
1. What is my life intention?
a. Which for me was to be able to help others through a business, by using my gifts.
2. What is my intention for the money I make?
a. To take care of my love ones and create beautiful memories. (travel, gifts, help them with their dreams)
b. Philanthropy
3. What am I will to give to make this happen?
a. Time, Effort, And Open mind, Patience
These questions seem simple but these are the answers that will keep you focused on the most challenging days ahead in creating a business. Nothing happened over night and you will have your ups and downs when trying to obtain success with your business. Whatever your intention is, that’s where you will land. That will be your focus. What you focus on expands. Have a morning spiritual ritual. This is not religion at all. It just away to connect to your spirit in other words keeping you in tune with your inner guide. Your inner strength. Your morning ritual can be whatever you are comfortable with: working out, prayer, mediation, yoga, reading affirmations, reading your goals or simply feeling grateful about life. Most successful people have morning rituals which start between 5a.m. and 8 a.m .
Be mindful of what you give your energy to. Its important to remember that what you listen to, read , watch or even your circle of friends has great effect on your attitude. One needs to stay positive when embarking of the journey of entrepreneurship. Can spirituality guide success? I believe so spirituality is defined as “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.” (n.d.) If only money is your only goal, that alone will not be enough to keep you inspired. Knowing that you are truly living your dreams and using your gift(s) as a gift to the world, connects to your spirit or spirituality.

Written By: Guest Blogger- Ilonda Clayton IG:@therealilonda  Follow her blog.


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