Becoming Ordained

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s topic is focused on me becoming an ordained minister.

About a month ago I embarked on a spiritual journey, trying to figure out my purpose in life. I began the journey with yoga, changing the way I ate and t attending church conferences. Becoming ordained is not something I shared with many people, it is something that I’ve really kept quiet until now. As a kid I always wanted to become a minister so that I could marry those in the LGBT community, because honestly I feel that love is love no matter the sex, gender or creed. At the end of the day God has the final say.

I feel that becoming a minister is not all about pushing religion on someone, but it is about building that spiritual connection with your higher power. I want to help people to understand that it is okay to have a spiritual connection with yourself and the things that you love. Honestly with the ministry that I am building, I don’t want to throw the bible in anyone’s face but to welcome them with open arms and to encourage them to live in a positive light. I believe strongly that if you lead a spiritual life than you can change the way you feel physically and spiritually.

Honestly speaking, How many people do you know say that they believe in God and he knows my heart? Then they are also open about not attending church. From my prospective I believe that no matter where you are in life you can always uphold a spiritual connection with God (Higher Power). God is not only living in the church, but He should also be living within you. So I leave you with this, Find your purpose!


Donna P.


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