Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy

On this journey I mentioned that I have changed the way I ate. When you change the way you eat you definitely can change the way you feel and possibly have some physical changes, On this journey to change I have lost over 10 pounds. My diet consisted of spinach, kale and more water. A course, I cut out some bread, no sugar and I increased my exercise with Yoga. I felt a change mentally and physically. I was feeling one with myself and I was beginning to understand my purpose as it related to my business and the way I communicated with my family.

Food Image

Image:  A few dishes that I prepared for my family.

Being healthy is really beneficial because my husband and I started meal prepping. When you prep your meals for the week it can make a busy work week so much easier. Plus freezing ready to go meals are easy to prepare too and less stressful than wondering what you are going to cook for the week. We must find things that will make our lives easier and healthy at the same time. If you are constantly trying to figure out what you want to eat than you can go to Pinterest. Pinterest has helped me with plenty of ideas for food.

As I read of this blog post and I noticed I didn’t give any stats towards how much fat is in something or if something is organic. I basically went by my instincts and hoped for the best. Usually your senses will tell you if something something isn’t right. This change isn’t going to happen overnight, but continue to have faith about your change. Good Luck!
Feel free to comment and I definitely can give you advice towards this healthy journey!

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