Cosleeping and Potty Training in the same week…

Hello Readers!

As you may have noticed my family and I are embarking on a new journey, we have decided to stop cosleeping and we are potty training. Our daughter Mariah recently turned 18 months old, usually at this age it is really common to start potty training. But first let me talk about Cosleeping, cosleeping is a beautiful thing and I don’t see anything wrong with it. It is all about the preference of the parents. Acourse by medical suggestion they advised against it.  Hell, I’m a first time mom and I want to be comfortable and make sure that I am there when my daughter needs me.

Anywho, due to me having a physical issue come up I decided that it was best that our daughter  parted with our bed. You may be wondering what the issue is and it is that I was diagnoised with severe osteoarthrisitis of the hip. ( There will be a blog on that topic later). I think my daughter is noticing the change of where she is sleeping. Usually we start the night time ritual in our bed, then when she falls asleep I put her into her bed. I know that may seem a bit confusing, but it seems like it is having a positive effect. Acourse she still will call out for a bottle, but then it is right back to her bed. This is the time where we have to stick to our guns and stay strong. It feels like we are teaching her to have independence. Plus I think it will improve on her sleep pattern and acourse it is a lot safer to be in her own bed because she can’t get out unless we let her out.  I will definitely keep you guys posted on the different techniques that we use to get her to sleep in her own bed in the weeks to come.

Potty TrainingPart two of our topic is potty training, potty training is HELL (Just kidding). Potty training definitely isn’t easy but it is all a process and it isn’t going to happen over night. You have to develop a system that will work best for you.  Right now she tells us when she has to go potty or if she went potty. There are definitely moments when we got there to late, but we have thrown in the towel. The most hilarious part of potty training is that she wants to wipe her own bottom (hahaahaa). Y’all I am definitely preparing myself to embark on the mommy journey with my toddler. I’m just trying to mentally prepare myself for those Terrible Twos’. I think we are kinda getting hints of it now, but we are figuring it out along the way.

Do you guys have any suggestions that you think are beneficial to potty training or cosleeping ? Feel free to comment below.


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