My hip replacement journey at 27

If you guys can tell by the topic I am currently going through my own hip replacement journey.  Back in May I asked my doctor to go to physical therapy because I was having knee pain and I figure that would help with the pain I was having. It got to the point that all of the physical therapist were trying to figure out what is going on with this girl’s knee, but to our surprise it wasn’t the knee it was the hip. So I called the doctor to request an MRI or Z-Ray and within two days they were back with the final diagnosis. I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis, they even told me that this form of arthritis was more common among 80 year old patients. Y’all when I said I was emotional, I cried because it just really hurt especially when they told me I can run anymore or walk for long periods of time. I was like, but I’m only 27 and I have a 1 year old that needs me.

I’m definitely like the type to sit around and do nothing, so I can’t imagine being told that I can’t be active anymore, but I am not getting my hopes up because I am motivated to continue living a healthy and active lifestyle. One thing that did give me hope is that I can continue doing my yoga practice.

hip xray

X-Ray(Courtesy of my right hip)

Now fast forward to July 20 (also my hubby’s birthday) I met with the PA who will be assisting my surgeon who will removing my hip through an anterior approach which is suppose to have a better effect on healing and movement. Yayy!!! Then I am hit with another kicker you can do Yoga for 12 weeks post surgery and I was hurt, but I didn’t let that keep me down I told the PA there are various other yoga methods that I can use to stick with my yoga practice, especially since I didn’t I want to be laying around the house loosing hope of all the things I learned during my practice. Y’all when I say yoga gives me hope, it really does, I started eating healthier, I am less stressed and involve my daughter in my practice as a bonding strategy.

lotus flower

So come the end of August I will be embracing my new hip that I believe will not prohibit my yoga practice, but improve it!

I really want to encourage my fellow readers, that you may be hit with various obstacles but it is up to you to figure out how you are going to make a difference.

Feel free to comment below your experiences or ask questions!

4 thoughts on “My hip replacement journey at 27

  1. It wasn’t called either (or maybe I wasn’t listening!). They cut the outside of my leg but I have a very neat scar and no pain – just a bit of tight feeling skin. Hope all goes well. What is your one ?


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